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In 1922, Nephi Anderson moved to the greater Los Angeles area to serve as a missionary for his church. He fell in love with the beautiful vineyards and orchards that spotted the area, and in 1924 he decided to make the suburb of La Canada his home. He purchased an eight acre orchard and began to build custom homes for clients in the area. In 1947, Nephi subdivided his eight acre orchard into multiple parcels and built two streets which he named Uintah and Wiladonda- both still used by La Canada Flintridge residents today. Together, with his sons Blain, Wally, and Howard, the family built its first development community of twenty-four homes. The family continued to build homes even as the boys received business degrees from the University of Southern California.

In 1952, Anderson Brothers LLC was created. From 1952 to 1962, the family owned and operated company developed many residential communities in the greater Los Angeles area. Notable projects included a twelve home community on Fairmont Street in La Crescenta, a seventeen home community in the Arroyo Seco area of Pasadena, a six home community at Goss Canyon in La Crescenta and a nineteen home community on Janet Lee Street in Pasadena. In 1954, Anderson Brothers LLC developed one of the largest communities in the Los Angeles area to date with a 30 acre, 90 home community in Glendale County- they named it Glenwood Oaks. The community is still standing with many of the homes still in their original form. It serves as a landmark for the Glendale community and has housed many residents of the community over the last half century. Along with the large residential communities, the company also developed hundreds of units of apartment communities.

In 1962 the Anderson Brothers parted ways and Blain Anderson founded BFA and Associates. The family company continued to build custom homes and multifamily residential projects. In 1972 Blain’s oldest daughter married Dennis Ballard and they formed Deseret Realty- a subsidiary of BFA and Associates. Mr. Ballard and Mr. Anderson developed, sold and acquired millions of dollars worth of real estate assets in California. Notable projects included the Hollywood Tower (see link Hollywood Tower History) and the Villa Elaine, both landmark buildings in the Los Angeles area. With the help of Mr. Anderson’s sons, the company grew exponentially and operated fifteen offices up and down the California coast. BFA and Associates continues to operate today in the primary markets of Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento as a hard money lender towards real estate development projects and acquisitions.

Anderson Ballard Companies continues on with the family tradition set by Nephi Anderson in 1927. The company continues to live by the same core values that have made the company successful over the past century. These core values include:

  • Put people first- Our employees, clients, investors and tenants always come first.
  • Success is never final- We are always looking for new and exciting development opportunities.
  • Embrace change- We strive to stay up to date on the ever-changing real estate market and adjust our strategy accordingly.
  • Always act with integrity.
  • Serve our world- We are always looking for ways to better the world around us.
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